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On August 12, 1879, a group of Canterbury manufacturers started the association that was later to become the Canterbury Manufacturers’ Association (CMA). Its purpose was “to increase exports and promote employment opportunities other than farming by fostering and encouraging local industries” – and little has changed since then.

In 2007, the CMA became the New Zealand Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association, and between 2019 and March of 2022 the NZMEA was operating as part of the EMA in Auckland, and the CECC in Canterbury, under the name of The Manufacturers’ Network. We’re now back – with the sole focus on supporting manufacturers, and manufacturing.

We’re back, but we have changed our name, and we are changing the way we operate. MAKE│NZ is about community – your community. We facilitate and support, but the strength of the MAKE│NZ community will come from its size, and the willingness from all in the community to contribute.

MAKE│NZ is not “just for those at the top”, we are a community of manufacturing leaders at all levels – from team leader to Managing Director.

We also have a long history of associating with others in the manufacturing sector, and in 2018 we formed the Manufacturing Alliance, made up of specialist manufacturing industry organisations across the spectrum. Today, this Alliance is going strong, and we are proud to conduct our advocacy on your behalf through this group!

How Do We Do It?

MAKE│NZ currently has a core team of four that juggle all the elements needed for us to sustain and grow your manufacturing community. 
Our board is made up of a diverse group of manufacturing leaders to make sure it can best represent the interests of your community. Their experiences cover a wide range of industries, from food to chemical to machinery and equipment. They represent their own companies which include a mix of B2B, B2C, small scale operations, and international work.

We enjoy financial support from the Canterbury Manufacturing Trust [CMT]; this is helping us to offer you no-cost membership. Through a mix of support from the CMT, ticketed events, and koha donations, we can cover the necessary parts of our operations. With your contributions to the community – posting on the website, speaking at and attending events, and offering mentorship – we can truly engage and support our manufacturers. 


Does it cost to join MAKE│NZ?

No! At least not in terms of membership fees. Instead we ask that you contribute to the community by interacting on the website, attending events, and donating when you feel you’ve received a real benefit from being part of the community.

Am I eligible to join?

Are you a manufacturing leader? Do you make things for a living (or work somewhere where things are made)? Then yes. We’re proud to be a community of manufacturers big and small. If you’re a general manager, operations leader, or team leader, then this is the place for you. 

If I post in the forums, can everyone see what I write?

Everyone who’s a logged in member can. The forums and member list is members only.

What happens with the information I give when signing up?

We collect that information in order to make sure all our members can be part of our community. Providing some information is optional. If you choose not to enter an identifier as to who you are, we’ll be unable to accept your membership.

We treat the information you provide in accordance with the Principles laid down in the Privacy Act 2020 (https://www.privacy.org.nz/privacy-act-2020/privacy-principles/ )

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