Let’s Make NZ Manufacturing Great Again

Article originally by Mike Shatford at Design Industry, reposted with permission, original https://www.designenergy.co.nz/lets-make-nz-manufacturing-great-again/

For a couple of generations we saw NZ manufacturing gutted as it went offshore to low cost countries. During the same period we lost countless of highly skilled workers who managed, maintained and designed and built manufacturing operations. Worse still, many businesses in NZ stopped believing that good quality manufacturing businesses were still operating in NZ and defaulted to buying offshore. It’s time to make NZ manufacturing great again. They say there’s a silver lining to every cloud. COVID has presented us with an opportunity that is just too good to squander. Broken supply chains have forced companies needing manufacturing to look in their own backyards. And what have they found? Really good Kiwi manufacturing companies that produce quality products.

The outcome of this is the manufacturing sector is now the busiest it’s been for 20 years. Our challenge now is lock this in so we continue to be internationally competitive. The way do this is through automation.

Not only will this improve productivity it will remove dull, dirty and dangerous roles and will attract our young to interesting and challenging high paid jobs Come on – let’s make NZ manufacturing great again. If you want hand from a group of very experienced automation engineers who care about NZ manufacturing and have made a large pile of NZ companies more productive and successful through automation, contact us at www.designenergy.co.nz.

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