First Foodie Manufacturers Meet-up

It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally happened- our first Food Manufactures focused meeting!

After looking at our community and noticing that a large (and growing) number of food manufactures based in Christchurch are a part of MAKE│NZ, it made sense that perhaps we could help offer a meeting for just the foodies. Sharing knowledge across different types of manufacturing is vital to us and helping make those connections between different sizes and types of manufactures is what we are about. That being said, it’s good to support the connections between those in the same boat.

Jay, the founder and managing director of SpicyBoys, was enthusiastic enough about the idea to even offer his factory for our first meeting. Along with a brief introduction from everyone in attendance and a more detailed introduction from Jay, we were offered the opportunity to sample SpicyBoys products, along with hotdogs kindly provided by Jo Williamson, the managing director of Golden Goose Foods.

After some feedback both during and after, it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to continuing to run these meetings. If you’d be interested in hosting or joining, don’t hesitate to reach out. While we’re focusing on food with these meetings, we swear we won’t bite. And if you know someone in the food manufacturing world who you think could benefit from these meetings make sure to send them towards

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